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Style. Family. Hospitality. Three things Italians are famous for, and three words that sum us up nicely!

Benvenuto (welcome) to Giacomo & Sons! When you choose us for your haircut, you know you’re in safe hands. Our skills have been passed down through the family, and generations of Italian greats. Not only can we create any style, but we’ll do it properly – no cutting corners, no fuss, just good old-fashioned barbering technique.

As well as a quality cut at a great-value price, you’ll get to kick back and experience the legendary atmosphere of Giacomo’s – always buzzing, friendly and relaxed. We bet you won’t want to leave!


Giacomo & Sons is a family business with a history. Our barbershop has been a fixture on Church Road since 1969!

It all began in the late 50s, in Mugnano, near Naples, Italy. Giacomo was 11 years old when he started out as a barber’s apprentice – just watching, cleaning and running errands to learn the ropes. Giacomo was so fascinated by hairdressing that he sometimes skipped school to watch the local masters at work.

When he was 18, Giacomo followed his sister to Bristol. He got a job at what was held to be the best barbershop in the city – Alberto’s on Colston Street. Hollywood star Cary Grant popped in once, and Giacomo cut his hair without even realising who he was!

In 1969, Giacomo opened up his own place – initially called ‘The Continental Hairdressers’. Rob and Marco (and their older brother Fab, who’s now got his own shop) inherited their dad’s passion for barbering, and got involved at an early age.

At Giacomo & Sons, we’re proud of our dad and our roots. Even though Dad’s no longer with us, business is booming and the shop’s always full of happy customers. We know he’d approve!

Meet the Barbers

Marco Cimmino

Roberto Cimmino

Rob’s a seasoned barber, with 23 years of experience and counting!

Like his brothers, Rob learned to cut hair at a very young age under the watchful eye of his dad. As a schoolkid, while his friends were out riding their bikes or just messing around, Rob would be at the shop, up to his elbows in sweeping, cleaning and shampooing. His official training course at Brunel Technical College was really just a formality, as he was already a master cutter by then.

Rob remembers the days when customers would queue for hours just to have Giacomo cut their hair. Often the queue would stretch out the door and halfway down Church Rd – no exaggeration!

Rob gets a real kick out of putting a smile on the faces of his customers. He loves the magic involved in being able to transform a guy’s look using only scissors, clippers and a comb! In all the years he’s been barbering, he’s met hundreds of blokes, yet no two heads have ever been the same.

Being part of a family barbering ‘dream team’ has been a career highlight for Rob – he’s worked alongside his brilliant dad, brothers Fab and Marco, and cousin Massimo over the years. He’d like to say a big thanks to all his loyal customers, and promises you “that we’ll always keep our standards to the maximum, top level”.

Marco Cimmino

Marco Cimmino

Marco started hanging out at Giacomo’s when he was just ten years old. He fell in love with the ‘man cave’ – filled with clouds of smoke and blokes’ banter. (The smoke’s long gone now, but guys still see the shop as a nice little retreat from life’s pressures.)

Marco progressed from sweeper boy to cutting his school friends’ hair when he was just 14. Two years later, he landed in hairdressing college, and by that time he was already a pro! He nailed the men’s hair course in just two weeks, and then began doing demos for the teaching staff.

It was always his dream to become a barber and a professional football player. The second part didn’t quite work out, but he’s still a big footie fan, if you ever want a chat about it!

Marco enjoys the challenge of younger men’s haircuts, and loves that he gets to meet people every day. Although he’s the bambino of the family, he’s got bags of experience. He’s young, talented and switched on. And he knows the highlight of his career is yet to come!

Prices & Opening Hours

Men’s Haircut £12
Boy’s Haircut £9.50
OAP’s Haircut £8
Cut, Shampoo & Style £14
Shampoo £4
Friction £2
Beard Trim £5
Clippers £4.50
Wet Shave £12
Hot Towel Shave £20
Mon 09:00 - 17:30
Tues 09:00 - 17:30
Weds Closed
Thurs 09:00 - 17:30
Fri 09:00 - 17:30
Sat 09:00 - 17:30
Sun Closed
Bank Holidays Closed


  • All in all you won’t find a better place to go to get a hair cut. Giacomo’s is not just a Barber’s but a family tradition that serves the community and in my opinion is the best in Bristol. Keep up the good work lads as your Dad would be proud.

    Neil McGuinness
  • I've been going to Giacomo’s for the last 4 years, I always like going there as it’s a great atmosphere and the staff are very friendly and professional. Going to Giacomo’s, I always am guaranteed to get the best of both, which is a great service and a great hair cut.

    Bubz Singh
  • I have been going to Giacomo’s barbershop for as long as I can remember... it’s the only place I will consider to have my hair cut. Rob and Marco are top professionals. But they learnt from the best. If you want a sharp haircut go to Giacomo’s, you won't be disappointed.

    Shaun Hunt
  • I can quite honestly say Giacomo’s is the best barbers I have used. As it is a family run business you get a feeling of belonging, and most of the customers I know are very loyal. The level of quality of hair cut is fantastic, and the prices are very competitive. I would recommend Giacomo’s to anyone.

    Andy Bicknell
  • The atmosphere in Giacomo’s is great with everybody always laughing and joking. The guys can cut any style and manage to perfect it every time. When I go into the shop it always feels more like going to a friends house than the barbers... In my opinion and the opinion of all I've recommended, best barbers in Bristol by a long way!

    Alex Sukander


0117 955 6190

252 Church Rd, St. George, Bristol, BS5 8AF

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